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June, 2006

Here are a few thoughts for you to review before your trip to Maui. If you are a first time or repeat visitor to Maui you need to pickup some of the free brochures available at the airport. These free handy brochures can be found near baggage claim and will better outline all the activities here on Maui.

You will land at the Maui main airport in Kahului. The rental car vans will pick you up at baggage claim. One of you may want to get the car while the others wait for the bags. All available companies are here. Check the Internet as you may find a real deal with the major rental car companies.

Next to the airport is COSTCO. We stop here first and get our staples especially meat, beverages, etc. You no doubt will hit other grocery stores later. The best for fish like Ahi Tuna (sashimi) is STAR market in Kihei. We also shop at SAFEWAY so bring your card. These plus the various Farmers’ markets located around the island will take care of the grub. Liquor is sold in the grocery stores and you can shop for sale bargains. Usually liquor is cheaper at COSTCO. The prices are usually more expensive then those found in most mainland states. Be prepared for gasoline “sticker shock!”

Once you leave Costco you head for Kihei via DAIRY Road to PU’UNENE St. Take a left (Mokulele Highway) at the light. About 5.5 miles and 5 stop lights at latest count, through the sugar cane fields, will bring you to highway 31. Go straight (sl. Curve to the right) a block to a stop sign and turn left. This is South Kihei Road and is not well marked, but you need to turn left here. The road runs along the water south to Kihei. About 1.5 miles south you come to the large condos on the right. You will pass a few of them. At 1.7 miles keep a sharp lookout for the MAUI SUNSET signs and big orange ball (sun). Turn right into building A of the complex. If you turn into the second turn, or building B, you will see the OFFICE in the middle. Here is the registration desk and key pick-up. You can then go back out on the street and park by Building A. Go as far in as you can as we are the very last unit, A-322. Parking is sometimes a challenge. Elevators are available or you can walk up the end stairs to the third floor.

ALOHA and WELCOME to our Island home!! We have three bedrooms and three baths, two lanais and hopefully all the furnishings you will need. Please use beach towels and plastic glasses only at the pool and beach. The living room TV has both a VCR and a DVD. The Master Bedroom TV has a built in VCR. A stereo in the living room has a CD player for your enjoyment. The apartment has been renovated with new doors, beds, new bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen.

Once you get a bit settled, it is still early so you can go to the pool, play tennis or walk around the grounds, which are very beautiful. It is the flagship property on Maui. Our oceanfront and beach are best viewed from our lanai. It is not a good walking or sunning beach. There are a lot of better ones that I will get to soon. You may want to take a drive on down S. Kihei Road to see the town. You will pass the shopping areas, churches and restaurants. The road eventually passes Kihei’s best beaches, KAMAOLE 1, 2, and 3. AT the extreme north end of KAM 1 beach is a small “part” of it called Charlie Young’s beach. This is our closest and favorite beach. Continuing south you come to WAILEA. The road curves left up a hill. If you go straight at the end of the road, there is a secluded good beach, KEAWAKAPU (Kay-ah-va-ka-poo). Check it out..

Wailea has the great golf courses and boutique shops as well as the large hotels. RUTH’S CHRIS steak house is here. It is fun to visit the hotels or have a Blue Hawaii cocktail at sunset on the beach. You should check out their restaurants as well. Wailea golf course has the Sea Watch in the clubhouse and Mulligan’s Pub which have been good. There are good public beaches and a good beach walk along the front of the hotels. Parking is usually not a problem. Check out the Sunday brunches, restaurants, and luaus at the hotels.

South on the highway is MAKENA. More great golf courses, but they are pretty expensive. A great beach in front of the Maui Prince is our favorite snorkeling beach. Turtles, coral, and pretty fishes are best viewed early AM before the wind comes up. You get there by passing the Maui Prince hotel entrance a half mile or so, and turn right to the parking lot down the hill. There are picnic tables, shade trees and bathrooms/showers. The best! You can rent snorkel sets for only a couple dollars, so you don’t need to pack your own. Further south is the signature beach of Maui, BIG BEACH, or Makena beach. It is now a state park with good parking lots (early) and restrooms. It is otherwise unspoiled by anything else. It is south of the small cinder cone. On the north side of the cone, reached by climbing over the water end of the lave flow is Little Beach. It is rumored to be Maui’s only nude beach. Big beach is worth a morning visit but wind, hot sun, or clouds will send you home by noon. You can drive on south along the road to the end to LaPEROUSE Bay. You have to cross lava to reach the water but the snorkeling here is awesome. Even in the rental car, a drive across the lava flow is worth a trip.

On the way home, as you pass the Wailea shops, turn right up the hill on WAILEA IKE St. to reach highway 31, or the PIILANI highway. Heading north on the PIILANI highway, you pass the ELLEAIR golf course on the right. It used to be my “Home” course when it was called SILVERSWORD, but it sold, and with the name change up went the green fees. A few blocks north is a shopping center on the left. Safeway is here and a great restaurant, ROY’S. It is a bit open and thus a bit noisy, but a good Hawaiian restaurant. The OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE is also here. You can go back home down the hill which brings you down to S. Kihei Road by McDonalds, and back to the Maui Sunset.

There are good beaches north of our place in Sugar Beach. Public parking is minimal but there is a long beach to walk is just north of there with plenty of public parking. On up the highway you join the road to LAHAINA, The HONOPIILANI HWY. You will approach MA’ALAEA, which is our S. Maui Seaport. Here you board boats for evening cruises, whale watching, scuba trips, and snorkeling at the small crater, MOLOKINI. There are two good restaurants here, BUZZ’S WHARF and the WATERFRONT. This is the location of Maui’s only aquarium, Maui Ocean Center. It is a good activity, especially on a cloudy or rainy day! No twisting dolphins yet, but lots of sharks and fish.

Before we head around the island, let’s return to Kahului as this the main city on Maui. Here are restaurants, shopping and big stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears and Home Depot. On the main drag, KA’AHUMANU ST. you can find a large shopping center by the same name. Lots of shops and Sears here. There are no less than 15 shopping malls around the island. On up the hill is the county seat, WAILUKU. Check it out as it is an example of old Hawaii. Maui’s antique row is on Market Street in Wailuku. Take a drive in the morning (before it rains) to the IAO(ee-ow) VALLEY for some island scenery and a short hike to the IAO Needle. On up the Kahului Beach Road you can start the “around the north end of the island drive.” A MUST. The Waiehu Golf Course is a few miles up the road. This course is county owned and is the cheapest on the island at about $35 for green fees. Even a slight slice will end with your ball in the surf!

We can then leave Wailuku on Hwy. 30 heading west for LAHAINA. You pass the Maui Tropical Plantation and a golf course on the right, King Kamahamaha. We play it a lot. It is a good challenge, a bit dry, but they have good green fee rates on Tues. And Thurs. with a lunch discount. Remember the ball rolls to the water! The Plantation has a good gift shop. You then continue heading west past Ma’alaea Harbor on to Lahaina. You pass mile marker 15. This is a popular beach for snorkeling and boarding.

Chez Paul’s Restaurant is half way to Lahaina and a good dinner stop but very French. In Lahaina, you can park anywhere in the city lots and validate most of the cost. Walk Front St. and visit the shops and restaurants. There are many good places to eat. Try Cheeseburgers in Paradise or Moose McGillycuddy’s for fun. Ruth’s Chris is here too, Longhi’s, David Paul’s Lahaina Grill, Bubba Gump Shrimp, are all good choices. We always eat at the Lahaina Yacht Club as a reciprocal member, but the shirt/cap shop is open to the public. Visit the historic sites along the waterfront. You can check out the night life here and around Maui in the Thursday Maui News Scene section. You will want to return to Lahaina.

KA’ANAPALI BEACH is the next stop north. Here are the big hotels and condos on the famous Ka’anapali Beach. Shopping at the Whaler’s Village, hitting the beach, having a Mai Tai at the Sheraton’s beach pool are all fun. Parking here can be validated. The best beach around here is north of the Black Rock by the Sheraton. You have to walk a bit, but if you park at the Sheraton, have a drink, they may validate your parking ticket. If you decide to enjoy a Luau here in Ka’anapali be sure you have a designated driver to get you home past the traffic DUI checks. Golf here is OK, the north course is the only good one but expensive. You can board a train through the sugar cane fields if you like. Kayaking is popular and there are 10 kayak rental/tour companies on Maui.

The next development north is KAHANA. Mostly condominiums, but there are a few good restaurants here. Roy's has a restaurant here. The road continues on north with views of Lanai and Molokai islands. NAPILI and KAPALUA are famous for the golf courses, beaches, and the Kapalua Bay and Ritz Carlton Hotels. Here the road starts to wind and climb around the north side of the island. The road is narrow but good. The scenery is spectacular, but we prefer to drive around the north end from the Kahului side. Better views for the passengers. Take your lunch and stop at the small stands on the north side of the island.

There are three more trips you want to consider if you have time. Or, you may just have to come back for another visit! South of the airport is the main road the HANA. Even though it is only 54 miles, it will take you a several hours or more depending on how many times you stop. It is the most beautiful trip on the island. You can bring a lunch or pick up a sandwich in PAIA, the last town on the way to Hana. You can also eat lunch at the hotel in Hana. The road continues on for a few more miles past Hana with some sights including Lindbergh’s grave and the seven (or more) sacred pools. You should really only drive a couple miles farther until the “paved” road ends. Buy a good guidebook or pick up a free one at the airport so you won’t miss any of the sights. Expect a lot of cars on the road and the bridges are “one-way.”

On the way home you can splurge and stop at MAMA’S fish house in PAIA. This is the best, yes the best, and most expensive seafood restaurant on the island, so we usually reserve MAMA’S for lunch. Back toward Kahului a main road heads up the mountain, HALEAKALA, all 10,028 feet of it. A drive is worth the trip, but it is a long steep, curvy road. The sunrise experience is breathtaking. You have to leave the Maui Sunset by 3:30-4:00 AM to make it and then expect a lot of company. Take blankets and extra clothing as it can be below freezing on top. Tip: take extra socks to use as gloves! Later in the day trips are great too, a lot warmer, but check the cloud cover first. You can also schedule a bike ride down the volcano (10 bike rental companies) or a helicopter ride if you are in to that sort of thing. Use your low gear on the way down and save your brakes!

The UPCOUNTRY has a lot to offer in sights. Besides the view, flower gardens, and shops, the only winery on the island is here. After tasting the pineapple wine at the TEDESHI Winery, you can drive a few miles on around the south side of the dry mountain, just to get an idea of what you missed by not driving around from Hana. It is not recommended that you drive a rental car all the way around. PUKALANI is the main town in the upcountry or KULA area. The golf course here is great and not too expensive. There is usually a discount coupon in the Maui Gold free booklet. East, beyond PUKALANI is the cowboy town of MAKAWAO. Park your car at the bottom of the street and walk the town.

Back down to sea level, there are a few beaches on that “windward” side of the island. Check them out. There are some near Paia. HO’OKIPA Beach is the favorite wind surfing beach. Spreckelsville and Baldwin’s Beaches are a mile or so back toward Kahului and might strike you as neat. Up by the WAIEHU golf course is a secluded beach which you reach by the golf course road. On up the north island drive are ranches for horseback riding with spectacular mountain and ocean views. You could also have scheduled a ride upcountry at the ULAPALUKUA ranch by the winery. There are 6 ranches on Maui that offer horseback riding.

So, here are the basics. You will have whales to enjoy while you are here from December to April, and may want to schedule a whale watching trip. 17 boats are available for these trips. If you like to snorkel, a trip to the MOLOKINI is the best. Ma’alaea and Lahaina harbors have scheduled trips for snorkeling, scuba, as deep sea fishing. Remember, all the free booklets at the airport and along the street in Lahaina. They will give you an idea of what is available. Also we have an activities desk at the MAUI SUNSET pool. They do a good job of helping you with your sightseeing, dinner, luau, or golf reservations. Finally, our new TV cable contract has given us a great trip planning tool on channel 7. All you will need to plan your island vacation in Paradise!


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